A very unorthodox category of weapon, Fist Weapons are any and all weapons that act to extend, strengthen, or blade the fist. Brass knuckles, claws, or even the arm blade can all be considered Fist Weapons. This type of weapon, as a general rule, requires more training than other types and can be difficult to wield effectively, but they have the advantage of being unpredictable. Many Fist Weapons therefore cause fear in the opponent, who often doesnít know how to counter them. - Currently we know the following kinds of Fist Weapons in Caelereth (listed alphabetically):

A sheet of metal with three seperate blades. It resembles, somewhat, a bird's wing, and this was the inspiration for the design. The blades attach to the forearms by leather straps which help to also steady it. At the end near the hand they curve back into a handle for better handling. At the other end is a jointed elbow guard, so the arm can be bent or straight.
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The Margh Grumph is a one handed troll fist weapon. Aptly named, the weaponís name translates from TrulTrul as "Death Bite". The Margh Grumph is weapon of simple design and construct, made by the trolls. Due to its creatorsí simple minds though, this weapon does not have a specific appearance. As such, it is easier to simply describe the method of construction of this weapon. The Death Bite, represents a rough ragged glove, consisting of lots of sharp and pointy vine plants wrapped around the trollís mitts, from knuckles through hairy expanses of the back of the troll's hand, often trailing off a little after the thick wrist. Sometimes, depending on the trollís age and strength of skin, a wrap of thin leather is wrapped around the trollís hand first to stop the thorns and razors from inflicting damage on themselves.
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The Miraje Finger Blade MIRAJE FINGER BLADE, THE
The Miraje is an exotic and rare weapon found on the continent of Nybelmar, which is thought to have its roots in the ancient Krean. It is amongst the most inconspicuous arms in all of Caelereth, which only adds to deadliness.

If you were to see the bearer of a Miraje walk right past you, the weapon would look like nothing more than a silver ring. However, when the weapon is laid out on a table you truly realise how remarkable its design is. The blade of the weapon looks like a downsized version of knife, being five nailsbreaths in length. The flat end of the blade is bound to a silver ring, though where is determined by who the weapon was smithed for, since they are custom made so that the entire length of the blade is concealed by the middle finger. Return to the top
The Razorclaw is a hand-to-hand weapon. It is in fact an ordinary gauntlet, but with three sharp razors running from the back of the hand like three long nails. These razors are the size of 1 to 1.5 human hands and have the thickness of a normal razor or knife. One half is attached to the gauntlets. At that point, the razors are triangular, with a broad basis so they can be set upon the gauntlet. The other half sticks from the hand and smallens until it is the thickness of a razor. The gauntlets can be made from different metals, although mithril is of course preferable.
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A rare assassins' weapon of R'unorian orgin consisting of what apears to be a fine elbow length glove, however inside the glove is hidden a spring loaded blade that extends from the wrist when the wearer twists his/her hand back to a 90 degree angle with the forearm. The blade is razor fine approximately the length of the human hand. Backward facing barbs line its sides and once hooked into the victims flesh the wielder simply puls his/her hand away and the blade slides from its mechanism, leaving little incriminating evidence with its wielder.
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