Flexible weapons are weapons that use ropes and chains as integral part of the design, relying on a lot of proficiency of the wielder. They are usually rather dangerous and difficult to control. Athough flexible weapons share similar movements, each weapon has its own specific techniques. - Currently we know the following kinds of Flexible Weapons in Caelereth (listed alphabetically):

The Bane Whip is a whip which is as tough on its user as it is on its opponent. Therefore those who have learned to use it have a healthy respect for it. The Bane Whip in its original form consists of corded aka'pi leather, the hide of the brown kara or ráhaz-estár skin. Finely cut strands of leather or the ráhaz-estár skin are braided together; depending on the width of the whip the material will be braided over itself to produce a thicker thong.
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The entire weapon is two peds end-to-end when stretched out. It consists of a central piece of wood, about two fores in length, connected to two smaller pieces about 1.5 fore long by chains, each half a fore long. The chains are connected by a "link-and-eye" method, similar to drawbridges. The wood is a typically mahogany, oak, or some other type of hard, resistant wood. The chains are common iron. The weapon is hard-hitting, resistant, and formidable in the hands of a skilled user.
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The Hrkje Whip, also known as the "Double Whip" or simply the "Hrkje" after its alleged inventor, Hrkje Kjarskan, is an Avennorian weapon and more or less confined to that area - which is to say, the Province of Manthria. It comprises two pieces of rope, tied together at one end. It can cause concussion, unconsciousness and even broken bones in the hands of a skilled user. It is a more forgiving weapon than the bane whip, and is easier to use, though it is less deadly as a consequence. However, it can still neatly disable an enemy, disarm him, trip him or even throw him. It can also hold an enemy's weapon without taking it, and attack at the same time.
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A whip with long leather strips, generally nine, however, up to twelve have been used with metal attached to the end of each leather strip. The metal is often shaped in small spiked balls that, while not fatal, are very damaging to the victim.
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