The bow and arrow was probably the first missile weapon, originally used to hunt beasts from afar. Most Missile Weapons are different variations of the standard bow. These weapons derive their power from notching a bolt or arrow to a string, which is pulled taut and released. While there are some more unorthodox missiles that use different mechanics, such as the sling-shot or the blowpipe, the most famous and popular weapons in this category are the longbow and crossbow. - Currently we know the following kinds of Missile Weapons in Caelereth (listed alphabetically):


The Blowpipe

The Blowpipe is a weapon mostly used by Brownies and mullogs. It consists of a hollow twig or part of a plant and a dart that is blown through it. Generally used for the hunt of bigger animals, the tip of the dart is poisoned, either with a killing or a sleeping potion. The dart alone doesn’t do a lot of damage. The height of the Blowpipe is about half the height of a Brownie up to a fullsized Brownie, and it is quite light to carry. The used material is either naturally hollow – bamboo or elder twigs, although bamboo is usually preferred over the too soft elder – or hollowed out by the Brownies. Another material very often used is lifereed by the mullogs of the Silvermarshes. The material should be solid enough not to break when getting a bump or two. Return to the top

The Bow

The Bow is a two-handed distance weapon, consisting of three parts: an element of wood, bone and/or metal in crescent shape, a string, connecting its ends and the arrows which are shot by drawing the bow and releasing its energy. There exists a large range of different types of Bows like the Longbow, the Crossbow, the Composite Bow, Brownie Bow and the most complicated Compound Bow. In combination with a variety of arrow heads Bows are very effective and precise long-range weapons. Return to the top

The Crossbow

The Crossbow is a missile weapon with extreme firing range and power. It consists of a small bow mounted on a wooden plank and uses small kinds of arrows called bolts (one fore or less long). The bolts are fired in a similar way like at a bow. However, the string holding the bolt is wound back and has a much greater draweight than a normal bow has, which results in the fact that the bolt can be fired in much greater speed and force.
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The Hob-Bow

The Hob-bow a bow sized for smallfolk. While the name suggests that hobbits are its primary owners, dwarves and even, though seldom, gnomes can be found using the weapon. While it may look like little more than a child's toy, the Hob-bow is a cunningly made piece of elven (or dwarven, depending on who is asked) craftsmanship and requires more skill than one might expect of it. Return to the top

The Hornbow is the size of a longbow which bends into two spirals looking like the horns of a ram. Return to the top

The Jhehellrhim Crossbow is a scared weapon to the
Jhehellrhim Elves. Given to only their most gifted hunted, to receive the crossbow is a mark of the highest honour for the elven hunters. More powerful than the regular crossbow thanks to its makeup, the Jhehellrhim Crossbow takes longer to reload than its fellows, but it packs a far stronger punch.  Return to the top

The Jhehellrhim use the bow as their main weapon, for hunt and defence. The war bow is bigger and stronger than the hunting one. The arrows are about one fore and one palmspan for the war bow and three palmspans for the hunting bow. The war arrows can be coated in a burning liquid, lit, and then fired. This makes flaming arows, which has many uses. Return to the top

Typical Kaaer'dár'shín bows are made from the trees of the Themed'lon Forest. The bows come in long and short forms, and can be decorated with feathers, paint or strips of animal hide. The tribe's bowyers are a clan to themselves and are revered for their bow making skills. Return to the top

The Remusian Bow is considered a really fine weapon, not just in the context of the Icelands Coast or the northern continent, but against most bows in general. This weapon is a composite recurve bow, made from specially picked allicott wood, and interspersed with a layer of wison tendon and thin strips of carteloreen bone. This makes the bow especially strong as well as having a tremendous draw weight. Archers trained on this bow have been touted as only secondary to the elves in their ability. Arrows used with this bow often are plain wooden tipped, though sharpened metal heads are not uncommon, and even teeth from the dark stryke shark are used. Feathers from the snow falcon are used as flights in the best arrows, while any feather can be used in most cases. Return to the top

A R'unorian medium range thrown weapon, consisting of a single metal dart lined with backward facing bladed spines. Seateeth are usually approximately the size of a human forefinger and glazed with variuos sorts of venom. They fly in a straight fast pattern with great flesh and armor piercing qualities and are a favoured tool for assassins, both inside and outside of the R'unorian sphere of influence. Return to the top

A Sling is a very basic missile weapon. Simply put: It is an instrument for throwing stones, however, the Sling is an 'easy to learn but hard to master' weapon with a great range. It is one of the few ancient weapons people still use today, in the 17th Santharian century with a minimum of changes to its primary design. Return to the top

The Slingshot

The Sling-Shot is a light and small missile weapon, mostly used by Brownies. In combination with hunting knives, it is effective against the smallest animals, for example rodents, bugs and beetles, and small birds. A skilled user can reach a range of 25 peds.

In size about two palmspans (human Sling-Shot) or half a palmspan (Brownie Sling-Shot), this weapon consists of a branch to handle it, and two others to which two elastic strings are bound, held together with a leather strap (for Brownies this is mostly mouse skin leather). The elastic strings usually last a couple of weeks, after which they need to be replaced. The material for the leather strap is critical too, because the heavier the pocket, the weaker the Sling-Shot will be. The two upper branches are naturally attached to the handle, in a Y-form. As for material oak is preferred because it is solid enough. Return to the top

Common weapon preferred among the Cani’tpa and the Cani’tpa’eta. Unlike most northern bows of wood, the Sor’inyt bows are made from bone. Often they are decorated with gold. Return to the top

The Orcish Warbow

While bows are often used by orcish clans for hunting and warfare alike the Orcish Warbow was specially designed to be most deadly in combat and is used by the orcs living north of the Tandalas. It became well known in skirmishes against the Ashz-Oc where these bows proved their worth against elven archers. It is a bow made of wood, horn and bone about one and a half peds high, smaller than the average longbow used by humans and elves, but considerably broader.
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The Shatterhead Arrow is an ingenious Anpagan invention dating back to the days of the Dark Plague Wars with the Daedhirian undead, destroying their durable bloodstone joints. Although simple in its design and conception, the arrow is a very useful weapon in the arsenal of the Anpagan armed forces. It can be forever updated with the most toxic alchemical concoctions and is therefore commonplace in the quiver of any respectable Nybelmarian archer. Return to the top

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