Polearms are any and all weapons of war that have a long haft (in essence, a pole). The first and most popular polearm was the spear, which is used and known by every tribe of every race on Caelereth. As time went on, and as armour and war tactics developed, the spear went from being the only polearm to being one of many kinds of polearms, from the cavalry lance to the anti-cavalry pike, and even the polehammer. Polearms are known for their ability to effectively deal with both cavalry and plate armour, making them a favoured weapon for militias and other common soldiers. Because of this, the polearm is the most popular weapon second to the sword. - Currently we know the following kinds of Polearm Weapons in Caelereth (listed alphabetically):

The Blade Staff

The Blade Staff (Styrásh "Scál'tár") is polearm weapon with a curved double sided metal blade fastened atop a wooden staff, having a length of generally two peds. It might be used by all kinds of fighters, but is usually wielded by the Nybelmarian Kayr elf warriors and operated in a similar way as many other polearms. It is an effective weapon against opponents using swords/axes or other weapons with less reach than a polearm, this includes infantry and horsemen. Unlike the Single Blade Staff ("Áv'scál'tár") the Double-Blade Staff ("Sýs'scál'tár") was not invented by Kayr, but rather by a traveler and an Erpheronian smith. This version of the blade staff is used more like a quarterstaff, gripped at the center, thus having not as much reach as the single blade this way but is still effective.
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The Haelberd HAELBERD, THE
The Haelberd is one of the more complex forms of pole weapon. Now used throughout Caelereth, this weapon saw its creation and first use by the goblins. Though still predominantly used by these green-skins, this flamboyant yet lethal weapon has slowly found its way into the hands of other races too. Its design was developed on from the standard spear, from which it still bears resemblance. Different to this more antiquated weapon, the tip of the haelberds bear illustrious crests, often designed to be both devastating and beautiful. Similarly, unlike its predecessor, the haelberd is a pure melee weapon, and though impressive to behold, this weapon works more on shock and awe than practicality.
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The Herlemin ("Double-Ended Hatchet") HERLEMIN, THE ("DOUBLE-ENDED HATCHET")
The Herlemin is also known as the Double-Ended Hatchet and jokingly referred to as a "Darn-vicious Quarterstaff". It is a melee weapon like the common quarterstaff, however, the Herlemin is usually only used be trained fighter as the weapon has heavy axe blades on each end and is quite difficult to handle.
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The Jarga is a polearm weapon carried by city guards for its usefulness and flexibility. The Jarga is long enough to lean on but short enough to sheath on the back. At one end is set a small spike and blunt chopping edge which is designed to stun and bruise rather than cut. The other end is shod with brass. The pole is made in two parts, the centre unscrewing. Some are made with a small hollow section useful for storing the odd bit of pipeweed, small vial of brandy, or other medicinal ingredient that a soldier might happen to need. This twopart structure is useful for storage; the weapon can also be used in two parts as an axe and shortstick combination.
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The Króyil (Styrásh "War Spear") is a strange weapon to behold at first, as it is a bladed pole arm two to two-and-a-half peds in length, only one of which consists of the haft. The rest of the pole arm is a long, thin, but powerful prong. This makes the Króyil a dangerous weapon, albeit a bit short for a pole arm, and the most popular pole arm used by the elves. The Tethinrhim elves were the first to develop the spear from a hunting weapon to a tool of war, but all weapon tribes have adapted to the use of the spear. Return to the top
The Lance LANCE, THE
The Lance can be thought of as a heavy spear. Being a little larger and a tad heavier than the standard spear, the Lance is the preferred polearm by many a cavalry, especially the Centoraurians and Kassites. With a stronger fortification of the blade to the shaft, the Lance can also be used as a light slashing weapon in addition to its deadly piercing capabilities. Due to this, the Lance is a feared weapon on the battlefield and any wielding them commands much respect from his/her peers. Return to the top
The Quarterstaff is one of the most common, less-than-lethal weapons found in Caelereth. Consisting of a single piece of hardwood, usually birch or oak that has been sanded down to remove imperfection and to make the surface smooth, the Quarterstaff is most frequently used by the common traveler and martial weapon wielders. It is can range in length anywhere in size from slightly over a ped to five peds, one fore and in diameter it is either one or two nailsbreadths. Because of its shape, it is more difficult to kill an opponent; however anyone trained in the use of the weapon is able to bring death, given a slightly longer amount of time. However, most users of this weapon prefer to incapitate their enemy by knocking him or her unconscious or through painful bruises to various body parts.

The weapon is used with two hands though their positioning varies based upon the unique style in which the wielder utilizes it. Most trained users prefer to keep both hands towards the middle of the staff, while less trained ones may put one or both hands at the base to provide more leverage.
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The spear and lance are two weapons that are synonymous with Remusian soldiers. The Remusian spear is a barbed weapon, often as long as a man, with a flag near the point. The lance is essentially the same weapon, but longer by about half. The typical soldier carries the spear, while the cavalry carries the lance. These weapons are made with a metal head, which is barbed with usually two barbs, in order to cause more bodily damage to the victim of a hit. The haft of the weapon is sometimes made of wood, but in many cases from carteloreen bone. Thus, they are considered an inferior weapon by many scholars because of the tendency to break when put under the strains of battle. Some of the higher status cavalry have lances that are made with a wooden haft, but this is the exception and not the rule. Return to the top
The Méladrhim Double-Edged Scythelance, more commonly known as the Double-Edge is basically a double-edged scythe connected by a special locking device made out of flint. There is a hand grip in the middle and each of the flint scythe blades face an opposite direction. It’s a dangerous weapon, but it's difficult to manage because of its immense size (two and a half peds, and 1/2 pygge) and because it is made out of wood and flint so it breaks rather easily. Return to the top
A popular set of weapons among the Sor’inyt defenders. Made from either bone or wood. Often carven with designs and inlaid with gold. Return to the top
The Sparth Spear SPARTH SPEAR, THE
The Sparth is a type of spear developed by the Cholian tribe of Aeruillin. Despite its primitive appearance, the Sparth is an extremely effective weapon when put into the hands of a person trained in its use. While it can be used offensively, this weapon is primarily helpful to hunt large fish, such as the jakécha, which cannot be caught in nets. Return to the top
The Spear (also called Javelin or Pike in its different varieties) is the simplest, yet often used pole weapon, known at almost all tribes and races throughout the vast world of Caelereth. It developed from a long, sturdy sharpened stick into a more advanced weapon by adding simple metal tips at the end, sometimes even further improved with a special, even deadlier design or by applying poison. The Spear can either be thrown or used as a melee weapon and is a great tool for hunting larger beasts in groups, and has its purpose in war mainly to lift riders from their horses. Return to the top
The Spears of Evathón, are prized objects in the possession of the Cyhallrhim Elves. They are used to mark the coming and going of major storms. Each of the spears is a truly beautiful work of art that is completely made of ice.Return to the top
The Susilgerim dwarves weapon of choice is a thin, needle-shaped piece of rock. The tip is hollowed out and filled with a deadly poison used from the leaves of certain trees found throughout the forest. The item is thrown and when it pierces an opponent the tip breaks off and the poison goes into the blood system causing paralysis and then death. The Imlith Dwarves also use stone spears with the same poisoning system, which have actually proved very effective against the wargs that the Rhom-Oc ride. Return to the top
The Tripoint TRIPOINT, THE
The Tripoint Polearm is a three-pointed weapon primarily use by the Ice Tribes of Northern Sarvonia that can be used in multiple ways - as a polearm, lance, and a spear. Additionally it can serve to fish or bring down larger beasts like wisons or thunderfeet. A Tripoint's length is usually about one ped, two fores and one palmspan, being one and a half nailsbreadths thick at the handle and having around two palmspans long tips in average.
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