Throwing Weapons are any and all projectiles that use the energy from the hand or arm to launch them. Many of these weapons are often overlooked for the sole reason that the arm cannot produce the same energy that e.g. a longbow can, but in the right hands throwing weapons can be excellent utility tools, if not outright deadly. Throwing stars, for example, can be used to slash a pursuer’s thigh, making it difficult to follow. - Currently we know the following kinds of Throwing Weapons in Caelereth (listed alphabetically):

The Boomerang

The Boomerang or Rindima-bia (origin of the name unknown, probably deriving from northern tribes, human or elven) is a simple weapon, a piece of flat wood or metal, which is curved in the middle. The ends taper, being thinner, and narrower than the rest. If thrown correctly it will soar through the air, hit a taregt, and return to the user due to it's special design. Return to the top

The Half-Moon Axe

The Morgerim Half-Moon was first created by the Morgerim dwarves, a reclusive and reputably more sinister tribe of the Thergerim. The most interesting aspects about it are its creators and how little is known about them and the unusual shape of the head. It was originally named "VokvakinnThrazOon", which translates roughly to "circular flying axe". Due to the difficulties for the human tongue, the popular name for this dark dwarf throwing weapon is, the Morgerim Half-moon, or the Endover, in reference to its spinning flight pattern, or in the heat of battle, “those blasted melon splitters”.
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These are odd weapons. Made of ice, they are usually the sharp broken ends of stalagtites and stalagmites, collected by the wielder and thrown like darts at an enemy or prey. These weapons are easily replacable, and a Cyhallrhim travelling south can pay a smelter to make him metal reproductions of his Spikes. Return to the top


A R'unorian medium range thrown weapon. Consists of a metal ring, approximately a palmspan or so in diameter where the outer edge is sharpened finer than a razor and often is given gruesome claw-like serrations. One or two cross pieces, normally either wood or metal, cross the center of the ring and provide a safe place to grip the disk when throwing or carrying it. Moondeaths are usually crafted in such a manner as that they do not fly straight but in a circular fasion, some - in case they don't embed into some poor chap's skull (or a wall) - will return within catching distance of the thrower. Moondeaths are common tools of elite assassins and mercenary organizations as well as the higher tiers of R'unorian military rank. Return to the top

A small throwing dagger, unique in that it has a groove running along the center, perfect for applying a "sticky" poison. This groove is also used for throwing, on the side opposite of the intoxicated side. The dagger is shaped like a pear, though thinner than many a knife, especially at the center where the grooves are. The weapon is balanced around the lower portion of the grooves, just above the handle, directly center of the dagger to keep its air capabilities at their peak. These do not have a guard, and the handle is flat and has a series of four holes through it in a line from the blade to the end. These daggers can be completely bisected - both sides are exactly the same in design. This is a favoured weapon of the Echiilianni. Return to the top

Salén Pins (literally "Silent Pins", including the Styrásh word "Salén" meaning "silent"), are short to medium-range throwing weapons. Each pin measures about 2 nailsbreadths long and half a grain wide at one end, gradually narrowing to a sharp pointed tip at the other end. Perhaps these pins are best described as resembling slim needles, although they are used for a far deadlier purpose than your common sewing needle. Return to the top

No Stormson would be caught dead without at least three of these throwing stars, and they are standard issue for nearly all the orders. Seastars can have either three, four, or five spikes. Also, the Nightsons and Korenjah often use a type of Seastar that is in the shape of a sharp-edged disk, known as a Moonstar. Each Seastar besides the Moonstar has a single hole in the center, and is incredibly thin. Like the throwing daggers, they can always be bisected, as no Seastar is different on one side than it is on the other, to allow air superiority when thrown. Seastar tips are usually coated with tyrsam, the water-activated poison harvested from the tyrscaru, though they can be coated with other poisons as well. Return to the top

R'unorian short-medium ranged thrown weapon. Steelurchin consist of a small metal, stone, wood or ceramic ball, normally between 3 and 5 nailsbreadths in diameter.  Sporting from the ball is a set of either 4, 5, or 6 spines, each is between 6 and 7 nailsbreadths long and usually barbed and tipped with various venoms. The pattern of placement of the spines is either all in line with one another like spokes on a wheel or covering the ball evenly along all axes (4 and 5 spined are almost always lined up in "wheel" form while most, but not all, 6-spined Steelurchins are set in a sphere-pattern). Steelurchins are popular among mercenaries and assassins as well as standard equipment for all R'unorian military personel.
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