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    Site Update of October 10th 2016 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. October brings a bunch of new plants to Santharia, especially some that grow around the Lower Fores area: the Blazebushel Moss, the Lightmoss (pic Bard Judith) and the Pricklespine Shrub - all entries written by Felsid Greytunnel. The rest found its way into the Library. Aside from several revisions on smaller and larger stories, we have three new ones to offer: "Uninvited" is the short story version of the horror Santhworld module bearing the same title, "That Fiend of Mine" sheds some light on the nature of dreams, mixing horror, comedy and existential insights, and finally we've also got one more fairy tale with "A Kind of Magic" (all texts by Artimidor). Ferra also has started tackling Santhworld videos of "The Mysteries of Nepris" Santhworld module, so if you're stuck or want to delve in your memories after already having played the game, have a look!

 Herbarium Added entry on the Blazebushel Moss, a lethal, combustible orange moss that grows beneath the Lower Fores. The entry was also added to the Mosses Overview (Felsid Greytunnel)
Added entry on the Lightmoss, a luminous growth that transforms nutrients energy into light. The Mosses Overview was also updated
(Felsid Greytunnel, pic Bard Judith)
Added entry on the Pricklespine Shrub
, a fast growing, enormous shrub that grows very densely and is covered in thick spines. The entry was also added to the Bushes Overview (Felsid Greytunnel)
 Library Added fairy tale "A Kind of Magic" (7 pages) to our "Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations" collection - a tale about a simple gesture and its consequences (Artimidor)
Added short story "That Fiend of Mine" (12 pages) to our "Tales of Monsonius" collection. This one is a story about dreams, nightmares and others, horrific and humorous at the same time, providing food for thought - literally
(Artimidor, pic Isilhir, slightly adjusted by Artimidor)
Added short story "Uninvited" (22 pages) to our "Lurking in the Mists" horror story collection. This is the short story version of the interactive Santhworld module bearing the same name. In it, we witness the nocturnal hunt for a thief, who might be still hiding in the house...
(Artimidor, 8 illustrations from the game were added too)
Updated various other texts, among them "The Journey", which was made into an own novella (downloadable separately), as well as the fairy tales "Giant Mistake", "The Beauty and the Bard", "The Gargoyle and the Pigeon" and "Ways of a Rose" (all Artimidor)
 Santhworld Updated the Welcome to Santhworld! page adding link to another of Ferra Dyme's Let's Play/Let's Read videos. This time she takes on the challenge of the "Mysteries of Nepris" game, the largest available Santhworld module. If you're stuck with a puzzle in the game or need advice how defeat certain monsters, you might want to have a look and see how Ferra did it. Currently there are more than 35 videos available, each one of them 10 minutes in length (videos Ferra Dyme)

    Site Update of August 2nd 2016 by Artimidor

Pictures included in this week's update

Update Statement. Our most recent update brings you a couple more Santharian parables and fairy tales, like "Bound For Glory" (pic Quellion) dealing with talking books, or "Lady Donarcaey's Jewelry" (pic Judy), a morality tale about jealousy. Two poems also made it in this week's update, both in the romantic vein - for one we've got "Millie and Moe", starring two harbour cats, and "Personal Ad", a curious entry for the lonely hearts section in the New-Santhalan Herald (all texts by Artimidor). Also: Avid Santhworld player Ferra Dyme made a couple of YouTube play and read videos for us, so check them out at our main Santhworld page. Thanks for that, Ferra! Finally we also have another Places entry, the Lower Fores Mountain Range (Felsid), complementing the recently added Higher Fores entry. - Hope you have fun with this month's additions!

 Library Added the story "Bound For Glory" (10 pages) to the collection "Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations", about a dispute among some prominent books deciding who is the most important of them all (Artimidor, pic Quellion)
Added the story "Lady Donarcaey's Jewelry" (11 pages) to the collection "Frethoni Book of Fables and Parables", about a reputable jeweler and his wife having doubts about her husband's faithfulness. The book itself has been renamed from "Fables" to "Fables and Parables" by the way as the texts contained are not just fables, so a title update was necessary (Artimidor, pic Bard Judith)
Updated the story "The Woodcutter Conundrum" (5 pages) in the collection "Frethoni Book of Fables and Parables", about the mysterious fate of two youths, who didn't see eye to eye (Artimidor)
Added the poem "Millie and Moe" (2 pages) to our collection of "Love Poems", telling us about two cats sitting on a roof and their romantic after-dinner discussion (Artimidor, pic Morjer)
Added the poem "Personal Ad" (4 pages) to our collection of "Miscellaneous Poems", about, well, a personal ad of someone inconspicuous, yet special... (Artimidor, pic Morjer)
Also done: a couple of revisions on recently prepared stories, making them tighter and more concise wherever possible (Artimidor, pic Morjer)
 Places Added entry on the Lower Fores Mountain Range, an ancient range of peaks, brethren of the High Fores, full with mysterious secrets, some eerie, some dark, and old, old and long kept... (Felsid Greytunnel)
 Santhworld Updated the Welcome to Santhworld! page adding a new section about Santhworld conquering YouTube. Thanks to Ferra Dyme we now have three modules documented in video format: "The Lorehold University", "Treasure Shoals" and "Uninvited". If you want to have an introduction into Santhworld or just want to watch how the story unfolds without thinking yourself, here's your chance! (videos Ferra Dyme)

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