Lurking in the Mists   
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Introduction. At Mossy Rocks Cove in the eastern Santharian province of Manthria a pirate story is pretty well known, the tale about the stubborn captain Thomgeir and his ghostship. It is often told to young sailors who claim top have spotted something in the fog, but aren't sure what it was - the more experienced sailors then will just nod and smile, telling the story of the lonesome traveller, who is at home now in the mists...


homgeir was a captain a long, long time ago, even before King Santhros united the realms to form the Kingdom of Santharia, back when the lands we live in now bore the name Avennoria. [Note that the narrator inhabits the Manthrian region] Thomgeir travelled often and far, from Marcogg to Strata and even far to the south to the deserts of Aeruillin. He was a well-known trader and proud of it, renowned in all those lands and he brought the most exotic goods from afar to the shores of Sarvonia.

The Ghostship Varteran
Image description. The Ghostship Varteran. Picture by Fiorellina.

One day he sailed in a ship known as the 'Varteran' from Marcogg to the Isle of Doranthakar, which now harbours the small Kingdom of Dorania, when something unexpected happened...

Another ship approached, which soon turned out to belong to ruthless pirates. Thomgeir's ship was only a small one, a vandrek, not the big barek he was used to commanding, and small was his crew and also the treasure.

The pirates caught up and finally boarded the ship by force. Thomgeir's crew tried to fend the intruders off, but it was to no avail. The little treasure there was they transferred to the other ship, and seeing that the vandrek was already severely damaged during the fight and in danger of sinking, the pirates offered to take the whole crew as prisoners aboard their vessel and release them as soon as they reached land.

Indeed, the men accepted, but Thomgeir refused to leave his ship as he still thought he could make it to safety if given a free hand. The pirate captain disagreed, but Thomgeir kept insisting.

Indeed as it turned out, the pirate captain had no patience with Thomgeir and his love for his ship. And so he finally gave the gruesome order to leave the captain on his ship, tied to the mast, leaving him to the waves. But if that were not enough, one of the pirates even took a hammer and a large nail and drove it right through the forehead of the doomed captain to keep him quiet once and for all. And though, so the story goes, this didn't happen: It is said that Thomgeir was still alive when the pirate's ship left him on the open sea, toy of the tides.

The members of his crew who had survived the raid later told the tale, and they also claim that he was shouting at the pirates when they left him, cursing them. Yes, he did so, though nailed to the mast he was.

And so ends the story of Thomgeir. Though everyone here at Mossy Rocks Cove will confirm that the vandrek of Thomgeir, the 'Varteran', is still out there somewhere on the ocean. Throughout generations people have reported to have seen this small ship, crewless, and some say as well that they have watched the rotten corpse of Thomgeir nailed to the mast, passing them by and then disappearing in the fog again.

None can say if this appearance is Thomgeir's spirit, which still hasn't come to rest and seeks revenge at the pirates' descendants or if he only wants to warn others of the dangers he faced.

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