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Author Topic: In the Quallian - Aer'Ylferian  (Read 8896 times)
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Human, Shendar, Shen-D'auras

« Reply #30 on: July 27, 2005, 07:31:22 PM »

Lieofin looks with concern at Terra. Was this an effect of the encounter with the fire demon as well, or were there older injuries which needed to be tended? This woman behaved strange for a human one. Few were normally  able to reach such a state of meditation to be nearly too far away for hearing input from outside. This was a dangerous undertaking. And a doubtful for a warrior whose goal it should be to be always present if any danger should arise .

“ Lie down and grant your beaten body a night  of sleep - I guess you will need tomorrow all your strength. I will watch over you tonight.“

Though Lieofin normally doesn‘t take much notice of people he meets for only a short time, this woman is different. His oh‘mód‘hál senses an unusual disturbance in the aura of this human woman. Not that he is able to do anything against it - only mages with an even greater ability for oh‘mód‘hál and an ability to melt the own aura with that of the injured soul - healermages- are able to do that. This disturbance of the aura must be older than only a few days, he could feel it, and so it was not an immediate concern . There is no need to become active because of this. But he should talk to this woman, once they are back. Maybe the old wise Kurrun could do something.

He gets up, Teri has set up the camp entirely meanwhile and all are having some food the elven community provided them with. Guardorans are passing while Lieofin is watching out, in a state of resting but still present enough to catch any disturbances. Camping though  in the Quallian is shelter enough for the group.

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Terra Artemos
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Human, Sophronian

« Reply #31 on: July 28, 2005, 06:50:22 AM »

Terra nods at Leiofin's statement as she reaches for her Moon Blade lifting it reverently as she gracefully stood, as if in a single motion.

"Yes, we all will. At first light we will ride hard till we reach the place I wish to go. I need answers and even in the direct examination of my inner sight my memories are still too confued to undersand. I must find out what I have forgotten about that place, and why it bothers me so greatly that I have forgotten it."

Having spoke all she wishes to, Terra moves nearer to the fire, lays down. Though her strength was again building it was still apparent by her werriness that she till had some time to go before she is back to her normal strength, and able to handle a strenuios fight, for now she had to rely on others to do most of the fighting if it came to that.

'I am grey. All but those like me see only darkness and light, they do not see the grey between them. In this greyness I dwell. I would not wish this fate on any other.'

Terra Artemos
Moonblade Warrior
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Gender: Female
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Human, Sophronian

« Reply #32 on: August 03, 2005, 05:49:22 AM »

Terra wakes as the first rays of the sun begins to dance across the tree top, and with her strength renewed while she slept, she sat up and looked around the camp to her traveling companions. Teri and Leiofin are also sturing from their sleep, though Leiofin seems to have only cought a brief rest and stretches the drousiness from his body. Seeing Terra solidified in determination gathering her gear, Teri and Leiofin do the same, once they where all mounted Terra speaks.

"We will ride hard. I want to get there before night falls again if that is at all possible. None the less we will have to try. Do not ask me why it seems so urgent all I know is it is, and we must get there quickly."

Terra turns to Leiofin and continues.

"Leiofin, lead us out as quickly as you feel safe for our mount."

The tone of Terra's voice make if clear that she means every word, and Lieofin nods his understanding before leading them quickly from the clearing.

The trees pass quickly by the three riders as they make their way to out of the forest, though the pace was swift it was not too much so as to risk injury to their mounts. Emerging from the forest Lieofin points off into the distance and speaks loud enough for them to hear over the sound of there horses hooves knowing Terra would not except them stopping over such a detail.

"The river is a fair ride, we should reach it by midday at this pace."

Terra knows their horses now clear of the underbrush of the forest can take a swifter pace safely and urges Coore into the lead heading for the river then following it south. They only stop once briefly to rest and water the horses and eat quickly before resuming their demanding pace, and finds a place to cross the river. As darkness begins to fall Lieofin tries to convince Terra to stop for the night but she would not hear it. Once it becomes nearly imposible to see she begins to resign herself to the fact she will not get her answers this night, then brings Coore to a stop and dismounts. Just as she was about to tell the others to set up camp Terra heard a femilior voice shouting in the darkness, then recognises it as Caphers voice. Terra walks towards the voice in the darkness, and calls back.

"Capher! Where are you?"

'I am grey. All but those like me see only darkness and light, they do not see the grey between them. In this greyness I dwell. I would not wish this fate on any other.'

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