Dragons are magnificent and enigmatic creatures of ancient power and profound wisdom, deemed by many to belong to the most noble race in Caelereth. Their complex language and magical ascendancy baffles many who attempt to study them, as they have spent centuries building and perfecting their methodologies. They are respected by their lesser kin and all other races for their knowledge and abilities, having commanded armies of Drakes and other lesser races in past battles. The unity amongst the creatures is nearly unbreakable, despite the individual differences between many of them.

Following is a list of all Great Drakes currently known in the lands of Caelereth, sorted alphabetically:


Abyssal Dragons have no colour. In fact they look either completely black or are not seen at all. Its eyes are jet black, but they sparkle purple slightly. Abyssal Dragons have the ability to pass between realms and live in the Etherial Void. If exposed to sunlight, they will die, leaving their hide behind and nothing else. This hide keeps the same properties as the dragon Did in life, and is prized by assassins and magic-users.
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The Astral Dragon is the Abyssal Dragon’s counterpart. The only difference between the two is the eyes: the Astral Dragon’s are much brighter, and appear to harbour twin galaxies. Astral Dragons are said to be able to stand some light, but in direct sunlight or strong moonlight it will die and leave behind its hide.
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The Cloud Dragon is quite unusual. It has a rounded appearance that most dragons do not, and its hide is extremely soft. It is pure white and has blue eyes. Cloud Dragons live in the sky and conceal themselves in the clouds. It feeds on water in any state.
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The Dawn Dragon comes out in the day just after sunrise. It has a grayish cast with light blue streaks starting at its eyes and continuing down its body to the tip of its tail. However, in contrast to the rest of the Dragon, its eyes are a vibrant yellow. It cannot cast any magic.
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The Dusk Dragon has the same basic colouring as the Dawn Dragon, but the streaks are purple, and its eyes are coal black. It is basically the nocturnal version of the Dawn Dragon, and also possesses no magic.
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The Fire Dragon

The Fire Dragon gets its name from the hues of it' scales, which are varying shades of red. Adult males often have a black striping of scales that start at the crest of their head and continue down their back. Fire Dragons can most commonly be found in volcano's near the lava. They are very agressive, territorial, and dangerous, making them creatures often best left alone.

The second reason that the Fire Dragon has earned its name is through its gratuitous use of fire. It has no use of magic whatsoever, but out of all species they have the ability to breathe fire for a longer period of time. Their flames are well feared for often has a village fallen prey to the scorching flames of an angry Fire Dragon.
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The Horned Dragon is accountable as the most common type of great drakes known in the world of Caelereth. The most noticeable feature on a Horned Dragon which make them relatively easy to identify is, not surprisingly, their horns. The size, shape and positioning of these horns varies tremendously from dragon to dragon. The average size of an adult Horned Dragon is 7 peds including the tail, and they have a life span of 300-400 years. Unlike other drakes, the Horned Dragon indeed does use its wings to fly long distances, although this happens very seldom. They are mainly found in the Tandala Highlands at the northern border of the Santharian Kingdom.
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The Ice Dragon

The Ice Dragon or Evathón'Dalá
is approximately 20 peds in height from base of their body to the tip of its head. Wing span is equaling its body length and the tail varying from the same to double that of the body. Definitely a huge dragon. Living in the colder areas of Caelereth, the Ice Dragon is able to withstand extreme colds. It also has the ability to fly to great heights, often using the clouds and its skin to reflect the colours of the cloud and pass by the main lands un-noticed by the life below. These dragons also have the ability to swim in water for a limited amount of time. Return to the top

The Ivorine Drake ("Guldorian Snow Drake") IVORINE DRAKE, THE ("GULDORIAN SNOW DRAKE")
Many drakes throughout history are represented as evil creatures, and with good reason: between legendary conflicts like the Dragon Storm and the War of the Chosen, and many drakes being rather terrifying or horribly ugly, drakes are often thought to be either bad or simply greedy beasts. There is however a drake that stands in complete contrast to these commonly accepted ideas: the Ivorine Drake (sometimes also known as the "White Drake", and to the Kasumarii, the "Guldorian Snow Drake") an almost storybook depiction of good and kindness in the eyes of those who hear about dragons. Believed to have had territory in Northern Sarvonia, and observed by Kasumarii in the far north in Cyhalloi, these drakes are still not fully understood, in either their true origins or abilities: they are magical, enjoy the cold, and could be some of the most important specimen of drake wizards have ever laid hands on.
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The Mist Dragon is closely related to the Shadow Dragon and his also as huge as this beast. It has the same skills, except that its solid state is a light gray and that it appears as mist instead of shadow. Like the Shadow Dragon, the Mist Dragon is able to hover or move without its wings, as well as allowing solid objects to either pass through or be blocked by it, although persons would feel moisture against their skin.
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Shadow Dragons are among the largest forms of dragonkind and are very powerful. Their magic is almost as strong as that of the Adamant Dragon. Shadow Dragons are able to hover in the air or move without using their wings. But their most unique trait is the fact that they are able to appear as shadows, and this is where their name comes from. They are also able to turn completely invisible, or go into a solid state in which they are completely black. The Shadow dragon can allow people to pass through it or not at will, but they will feel an odd sensation. Return to the top

Comes out in the daytime. During solar eclipses, the Dragon tends to watch the sun disappear and fly around its home until it returns. Usually a warrior. Has powerful magic.
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The Sea Dragon

Sea Dragons mainly live in the seas and in subterranean caverns below the sea. The are capable of flying and can cast magic, but their most feared ability is their breath weapon: Sea Dragons are able to spew clouds of scalding hot steam, capable of boiling flesh from bones, up to a distance of ten peds. The Sea Dragon's appearance may make it appear to be rather harmless but this is quite far from reality. They are capricious, ill-tempered, the most disagreeable and sadistically cruel creature on the face of Caelereth. They believe all other creatures are beneath them, even other dragon species.
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A basic water Dragon, though more like a snake with wings and fins. It is sometimes a pet of sea captains used for measuring depth, currents, and the best paths to take.
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