The Isles of Quios are a dozen islands of volcanic origin that lay to the east of Santharia. Filled with luscious forests, snow capped peaks, and rock reefs, this group of islands enjoy not only a geographical diversity, but a cultural and racial one as well.

One of the Lighthouses at Gillwin

View picture in full size Image description. One of the Lighthouses of the Stormcloaks Guild at Gillwin, the main port on the Isle of Killyshmagost. Picture drawn by Seeker.

Location. Dividing the Aelyvian Sea and the Adanian Sea, the currents through these volcanic isles are quite treacherous. These isles lay to the east of Santharia, south of the Kanapan Peninsula, and north of the large island of Deniílou and northwest of the Doranian Kingdom, the Island of Doranthakar.

The Isles of Quios are actually made up of five separate islands or island chains. From north to south they are: The Isles of Tyrk, th Isle of Quiosíkathar, the Isles of Khuuz-Duar, the Island of Killyshmagost, and finally the island of Volveran:

Inhabitants. While many of the smaller islands are the home to fishermen or lighthouse keepers, only the three largest islands support any true permanent life. Following the natural geographical split, the Isle of Quiosíkathar is home to dwarves in the north and elves in the south. The Isle of Killyshmagot is populated by the human race, though here more than anywhere the different races of the isles can be seen mixing and interacting with each other. The last island, the Isle of Volveran, is home to the orc population of the Isles of Quios.

A north-south warm front is the predominant weather system throughout the area. As it is the only front in the area, the temperature is normally a comfortable level with indiscernible seasons. Many of the inhabitants claim that this is the best feature of this island grouping.

Animal/Plant Life. There is a rich variety of both plant and animal life throughout the isles. Some are indigenous, such as many small mammals, birds, and plants. Though animals like the goat and sheep have been introduced here as well. The waters around the isles team with fish, and much of the human population is engaged in this industry.

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