The elven Tethinrhim tribe (lit. "Youth Tribe") is found in the Auturian Woods north east of the Gulf of Maraya. They have over the years become one of the most protective and warrior proud tribes of any race. They are always willing and fully prepared to go into battle given a noble cause, priding themselves on the quality of their fighting abilities, of not only their normal tribe members but also their Kaierian Warriors. The Tethinrhim believe that they are among the purest of the elven tribes because they have had several of their tribe’s men and women over the centuries evolve into light.

A Kaierian Warrior

View picture in full size Picture description: A warrior of the Tethinrhim elves, a Kaier. Image drawn by Quellion.

Appearance. Like the well-known Ar'leiná the Tethinrhim tribe members generally have very fair skin and a rich gold red hair. All children born to the Rónn or Ava’ránn have hazel eyes and their hair has often been commented on being the “colour of rubies”, or a “deep sunset red”. Return to the top

Coat of Arms/Sign. The elves of the Tethinrhim tribe believe similar to the Ylfferhim that they are descendants of the Astyrhim. While they don’t share the same coat of arms, they have taken the eye symbol from this tribe (the Tear of Avá) and incorporated it in their coat of arms, which mainly consists of a black sword pointing down, refering to their proud Kaierian Warriors. Return to the top

Territory. The elven Tethinrhim tribe is found in the Auturian Woods north east of the Gulf of Maraya. The Woods are located in the mid to lower regions of the Southern Sarvonian Continent, west of the human city of Marcogg. Return to the top

People. Following the Rónn or Ava’ránn, the
Kaierian Warriors are the next most respected people amongst the tribe. They are highly trained warriors, exceptionally skillful in battle. Spending many years training, the elves who strive to become Kaierians must go out and complete a quest of self-learning in order to be finally classed as a Kaierian Warrior. Each test is different. Often these tests will last many months.

The Spiritual Guider (Avár'Soórn) is another highly respected tribe’s person. He/she is often very gifted in the magical ways. There is only one to three at a time, training is harsh and generally starts from childhood when the child is seen to have the gift.

Other than the Rónn or Ava’ránn, the
Kaierian Warriors and the Spiritual Guider there exist no other high-ranking tribe-people, which keeps the Tethinrhim's social and governing system simple. Rolls for men and women unlike at human tribes are not dependent on gender. A male can look after the family while the female is out working, hunting etc. Children are more or less raised by the tribe, thus allowing an even ‘playing field’ for all.

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Picture description. The location of the Auturian Woods, home of the Tethinrhim elves.

A highly skilled tribe members generally skilled in at least five of the following: Bowyer, armourer, fisher, forester, groom, hunter, leather worker, mapmaker, mason, weapon smith as well as in herbal lore, climbing, telepathy, general fighting abilities and survival in general. The soverign and his/her family are all educated in every one of these areas.

In general once a normal tribe member reaches adolescence they focus on fewer of these skills, finally becoming specialists.

Affection is kept to a minimum. Since the horrible death of Ar'leiná, public displays of emotions were discouraged. Especially
Kaierian Warriors are trained to have very few emotions at all. Spiritual Guiders and the sovereign are the ones most affected by emotions as they have a heavy burden upon them. However it is only in the privacy of their own company where they do show their emotions.

A Kaier Tattoo

View picture in full size Picture description: A typical Kaier tattoo, drawn by Quellion.

At birth every Tethinrhim child is tattooed on the left arm. Each child is having an individual symbol with the Eye of Avá and the Tethinrhim Tribe’s symbol which represents their soul name. The Spiritual Guider is the one who looks into the soul of the child and instructs the tattoo artist of the symbol. Thus the Spiritual Guide is one of the few that can read the symbols. Dragons and other highly developed spiritual leaders are said to be capable of reading the symbols as well. The tattoo symbolizes a great pride that each Tethinrhim tribe member has also the soul name of the elf, which is a name that generally loved ones call each other, or finding ones self.

A not one Tethinrhim language: Because of their continued contact with the other elven tribes, the Tethinrhim language is much the same as at normal elven tribes. The vowels are pronounced with more of a growl than usual.
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Housing. There is only one major building in the Auturian Woods called the Ria, the house of the sovereign. A relatively small building when it’s compared to other houses of Royalty. However, the Tethinrhim are not ones to draw attention to them selves intentionally.

Tribe members live in small buildings high in the tops of the trees. Such housing is easily defendable, easier on nature and a lot simpler to conceal. Houses are connected with small bridges, often just a log that has been flattened over time.
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Clothing. The tribe members wear mainly cotton clothing dyed in greens and browns to hide them in the treetops. Consisting of dresses, trousers, skirts, shirts and shorts, only restricted by the imagination of the wearer.

Diet. Largely based on vegetation after the Third Great Flood. Meat is eaten, however it’s kept for special occasions. Return to the top

A School of Archery
View picture in full size Image description: The Tethinrhim Archery School in Sillena. Picture from the game Magical Empire™, used with friendly permission. Illustration drawn by Faugar.

Weapons. Weapons mainly used by the Tethinrhim are the corran'Loh and the the scourge. Both specialised weapons used mainly by the Kaierian Warriors of the tribe, however other trained Tethinrhim are able to use them as well. However, only the Kaierian Warriors are capable of handling the Scourge with the full twelve tails. Return to the top

While a largely passive tribe they are very skilled hunters and have a special class of respected Warrior Elves (Kaierian). Often the Rónn or Ava’ránn is trained as one of the
Kaierian Warriors to ensure the strength of the tribe. Often referred to by others outside the tribe simply as as "the Wood Elves". Return to the top

One person governs over the tribe, male or female, called the Rónn or the Ava’ránn, generally the first-born child. Heavy Kaier training is given to the Rónn or Ava’ránn to ensure that the soveriegn is strong and war ready, able to defend him or her own self. This has been the tradition of the Tethinrhim tribe since the Deciding of the Blood (729 B.S) when the elven and human rulers (Eleannja and Korpicor of Voldar) dueled, resulting in the Gods judgement of striking both down at the same time.

The Coat of Arms of the Tethinrhim Elves

View picture in full size Picture description. The Coat of Arms of the Tethinrhim elves, by Koldar Mondrakken.

The community often raises children of the Rónn or Ava’ránn children. This allows the children to grow up with a level head and out look on life. This way the heirs are under the care of the tribe and generally live with a specially selected family who will protect them with their own lives. As a matter of fact the heirs to the Tethinrhim sovereignty are even often completely unaware of their birthrights. This tradition has begun when an unknown person of an unknown race kidnapped one of the heirs threatening to kill the child if their demands were not met. The Rónn had to sacrifice his child for the sake of the tribe. Since then, all children have been considered the responsibility of the tribe and are looked after by the community. Children can often be found playing in the Ria which is generally left open to all who enter save a few meeting rooms and the living areas of the sovereign’s family. Return to the top

The Tethinrhim are self reliant, and therefore don't plant more, nor take more than they need. Their pride wouldn't allow them to take off others as it is seen as a form of weakness. At times they allow their urban trees to be cut down for the making of arrows and spears (without metal heads, the wood is strong enough to peirce the skin of a deer), which they then sell to merchants. However, trade for money or items is a bonus to their way of living.
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Natural Resources.
Wood is very abundant to the area, so it's been classed as a resource. All other things around the area are unknown to the Tethinrhim as they don't see a need for looking.
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While much the same as all elves, the Tethinrhim over the years have been focusing their belief system so that along with Avá, Arvins (God of the Hunt), Queprur (Goddess of the Earth, also known as the Goddess of Death) and Eyasha (Goddess of Peace) are the Gods to whom most homage is paid to. Armeros (God of War) is also respected amongst the
Kaierian Warriors. Return to the top

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(YEARS 11.900 B.S. - 10.000 B.S.)
ca. 11000 b.S. The Tethinrhim Trek arrives at the Auturian Woods
When the Tethinrhim tribe (though they were not called so at the time), arrive in the Auturian Woods after their long trek south after the Great Sundering, almost the entire tribe, tired and hungry, feels that these woods look like a jungle, and are very uninviting. Ná'Pherán, Spiritual Guide of the Tethinrhim and the tribe's Ránn, however, has a vision that urges her to stay. She gave a speech to the elves that convince them to stay, and today is considered the sole reason this tribe of elves still exists in the Auturian Woods.
The Creation of the Tethinrhim Riá
When Ná’Pherán, the Spiritual Leader of the Tethinrhim elves, sees the Auturian Woods, she asks the God to decide whether the tribe should stay at these woods or move on. After many long days of meditating, Ná’Pherán has a vision and eventually convinces the other tribe members to choose this place for a permanent settlement by altering the woods with powerful magic.

Calling upon the Gods and her own strong earth magic she has gained from her creators, Ná’Pherán transforms all the trees in the woods into a new type of plant - into trees we know today as "urban trees". This feat is perhaps the most famous in all Tethinrhim history, and it has been suggested that divine intervention, possibly from Queprur Herself, was needed to achieve it. In the spirit of Her gift, the elves name this powerful Guide their Ránn.

Ná’Pherán first action is to have the Kaerian warriors build the Riá, an enormous tree city in the center of the Auturian Woods. While only the Kaierian work on the housing of the Ránn, all the elves work together to build the surrounding houses. Around this time, several elven magi transform the Auturian Woods, in such a way that the urban tree in the center, the one made into the Riá, is the largest and the ones around it gradually decrease in height and width.

ca. 10350 b.S. Lumber Wars between the Avennorians and the Tethinrhim Elves
Right after establishing a settlement on the banks of the Mashdai River, Liemolf Marcogg and others start a battle with the elven tribe of the Tethinrhim over lumber and the Auturian Woods. He is badly overmatched by the elves and loses many men.

(YEARS 8.500 B.S. - 3.400 B.S.)
ca. 6000 b.S. The Settling of Jhehellrhim Elves in the Istarin Forest
In the far eastern part of the Zeiphyrian Forest, three settlements, influenced by the Tethinrhim and unhappy with the Quaelhoirhim way of life, leave the forest and settle further north, forming the Jhehellrhim tribe. For many years this offshoot of the Quaelhoirhim have little contact with their mother tribe, forming a rebellious group that considering tribal law as repressive.

(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
806 b.S. The Destruction of Elving
Elving is destroyed completely and most parts of the Zeiphyrian Forests as well as the adjacent Auturian Woods are burnt. The first major Sarvonian battle at the Zeiphyrian Forests indeed is a cruel slaughtering which is unique in Sarvonian history so far, but it should only be a glimpse of even fiercer battles to come: It is the beginning of the so-called "War of the Blood" which will last nearly 80 years and which will result in lots of bloodshed but will not bring no victory to any of the fighting races.

804 b.S.
to 800 b.S.
The Attack on the Tethinrhim Ria
The Avennorian King Anir marshals troops against the elves in the Auturian Woods. Though he could care less about the cause of the war, he sees an opportunity for a land grab and to avenge the Avennorians against the Tethinrhim elves and attacks the Ria, the elven sovereign's housing. The elves, already besieged and wearied from the battles against the other humans, see their beloved woods being burned. When Anir and his troops attack their capitol and the Ria, the elves fight back with vengeance and push back Anir and his troops out of the woods and even burn down some of the outer settlements of the Avennorians. This defeat precipitates more attacks by Anir and each time they lose to the more experienced war fared elves.

Finally in the late fall, early winter of 800 b.S. Anir gives up and just watches as the war continues. He and his people would sit out this war and gather up what is left, figuring that would be the best. Let the others do the fighting for him and he would come in and take what is left over. To Anir this seems liked the perfect plan.

ca. 800 b.S. Secret Military Outpost East of the Tethinrhim Riá
After successfully repelling the inept Avennorian invaders, marshaled by Anir, in the 804 b.S attack on the Riá during the Age of Blood, the sovereign of the Tethinrhim issues a decree ordering a secret military outpost to be established between the capitol and the enemy Avennorians. This camp, connected to both the outskirts of the forest and the city by a warren of passage ways, is subsequently fortified to extreme extents, ready to fend off another wave of humans. Fortunately, this attack never comes, however, the bustling camp is not abandoned, but rather, kept armed in preparation.

701 b.S. Famine in the Auturian Woods
Shortly after the Third Great Flood a famine breaks out, destroying the fish supplies and deseasing the livestock with killing viruses. The Tethinrhim suffer heavy losses at this time of history.

(YEARS 50 B.S. - 172 A.S.)
ca. 0 The Establishment of Sillena
The Tethinrhim elves join the new Alliance under Santhros, whole-heartedly believing that the establishment will fail. Despite their hospitality to their neighbouring human tribes, the Rónn orders the outpost isolated from the Riá in an attempt to better fortify his city. Back in the capitol, desperate wives and families begin to straggle out of the city, heading to the only other entrance to the Kaierian camp, the portal at Sillena and institute permanent residences outside the arch. As the number of these refugees grows, emboldened by the success of their predecessors, the small cluster of houses grows into a prosperous town.

98 The Tethinrhim Academy of Archery
The Tethinrhim Academy
With the continued success of the Santharian Kingdom, the fortified outpost begins to lose its sense of purpose and has become a burden to the Tethinrhim government. As an act of good faith towards his sovereign, the Rónn decrees that the outpost be re-fitted as an Academy to be opened to all members of the Alliance regardless of race.


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