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Rafal posing on top of a mountain

'm born in Poland, currently a student of Biomechanics in Holland. My urge for drawing was first discovered at an early age when I was using crayons on the wall behind my bed. Since then I haven't been doing much graffiti work, but have instead dedicated my time to pencil and paper. Most of my color works date from 2000 and later, when after some experimenting with acrylics, I decided to settle for a drawing tablet and my PC.

My affection for fantasy and sci-fi is clearly visible in most of my work, as one of my other hobbies is reading books and short stories, as well as playing (roleplaying) games of most genres.

Aside from participating in the Santharian project I also has done many illustrations for various clients - mostly Fantasy/SF related, among them the "Call of the Warlords" and the "Quest of Ages" game - check them out! Currently I'm also working on improving my photographic skills. I wish I would have more time to draw, read, hike, photograph and study...

In April 2000 I became part of the Santharian Dream, where I concentrate on illustrating Compendium entries mainly for the Bestiary and the People section. Examples of pictures I've done for Santharia can be found below at the Santharian Works table.

eel free to commission work from Faugar/Rafal!

I have worked for various clients, and all of them have been very satisfied with both the quality of my work as well as my punctuality and speed. If you would like to contact (some of) my previous clients - .

I have two preferred media - pencils (from B to 6B) and digital (Wacom A3 tablet and Painter). I also have done some acrylic and watercolor paintings in the past, but rarely have time and money for those these days.

Here is a list of what I have worked on so far:

- Illustrations for Fantasy oriented (online) games,
- Story illustrations,
- Fantasy and SciFi characters portraits,
- Logo and letter design,
- Graphic User Interface (GUI) design for a computer game,
- Tatoo design.

Note: There are samples of some of those commissions in my galleries at my McF-Asylum homepage.

If you would like to contact me regarding a possible commissioned work, discuss the terms etc. - e-mail me with details - I answer as fast as possible. You can reach me through this address:

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gfx gfx
Male - human:)
Date of Birth
Sometime in 1976
Polish (native), English, Dutch
Nationality Poland Polish and Netherlands Dutch
ICQ: 64133125 (McF)  

and the Gallery at Elfwood

and the Gallery at Epilogue

Favourite Books
Almost anything by Philip K. Dick
Favourite Music
Changing all the time... :)
Favourite Games
See favourite Music
Hobbies Drawing/painting, reading, PC, photography
Santharian Focus
Joining Date
April 2nd, 2000

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gfx gfx
Bloodworm, the
Chasm Demon, the
Desert Dragon, the
Earth Drake, the
Fire Drake, the
Gold Drake, the

Horned Drake, the
Horse, the
Hunting Hound, the Eophyrhim
Ice Dragon, the
Lich, the (2)
Mephguóur Demon, the
Oyster ("Two-Shells"), the
Quallian Sýs'neán, the (Forest Twotails)
Rat, the
Sea Dragon, the
Spider Overview, the
Tam-Rek, the
Taurian, the

Terror Bat, the Kanapan
Zombii, the (2)
Cosmology & Myths
Santharian Calendar, the  
Santharian Wallpapers (7)  
Frent Mushroom, the
Kitrauhre Tree, the
Lifereed (Mullog-Reed), the
Nightshimmer Vine, the
Oak Tree, the
Squilla Fungus, the
Sulcho Mushroom, the
Sunflower, the
Urban Tree, the
Storm of Three Nights, the  
A Game of Destiny, Chapter I - The Rose
Katya, Chapter II - The Thaelon
Katya, Chapter IV - Winter's End
Katya, Chapter VI - Portrait of Katya
Keep's Heart, The
Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations
The Hobbit-Hole
Once in a Red Moon, Chapter III - Beetle
Ways of a Rose
Whistles and Floating Wisps

Sailors' Tales of Nepris (2)
The Frethoni Book of Fables
The Greyler and the Dragon
Level 1 Earth Spell - Sanguinary Block
Level 3 Fire Spell - Fiery Minion
Level 3 Fire Spell - Insubstantial Shield
Level 4 Ecuá Spell - Despirit
Level 4 Wind Spell - Shape Spell
Magical Bags, the
Battering Ram, the (2)
Battle at the Fores
Blunt Weapons, the
Bow, the
Crossbow, the
Earth, the Element of (2)
Drinks, Santharian
Orcish Warbow, the
Remusian Sword, the
Shadows of Móh'rónn, the
Téthias'quarón, the (Oath of the Young)
Wind, the Element of
Agaran, the Counselor
Alira "Dalá'Valannía" Daryan
Arkan Delath, the Pirate
Artahir, the Milkengradian Anactar
Artimidor Federkiel, the Sage
Asbavaer, the Daedhirian Lord
Axiastras, the Ahrhim Avaránn
Boe Starlinggale
Curgan, the Milkengradian Anactar
Dalum Mear Achlúm
Eghana Hedynn
Elizabeth Ferquad
Eyashene Mindsmoothers, the
Faugar, Selfportrait of
Gean Firefeet, Historian
Hounds of Paelelon, the

Ibbon Alnasray, the Merchant
Jael Mènelón, the Trader
Judith of Bardavos, the Masterbard
Kaertherom the Grey
Knupp the Sneaker, the Thief
Koldar Mondrakken, the Knight
Leander S'Ingvendar, the Hero
Leifloff Sjungnarr, Butterfly Researcher
Milkengradian Anactar
Lyeael'k the Crimson Berserker, Pirate
Lysander Dain
Ma'asherom the Red
Martin Swiftsword
Melór, the Mythical Light-Elf
Shakgrah, the Searer
Stormcloaks, the (Quios Shipping Guild)
Talia Sturmwind, Compendium Writer
Templars of the Black Pearl
Thieves Underground, the
True Vision Cult

Wengerim the Dragonslayer

Witches of Santharia, the
Wren, the Ylfferrhim Leias

Xarl Bluestride, Mage
Alianian Hills (Acornlands), the
Bardavos, the City of Artists
Celeste Mountains, the
Ciosa, the Manthrian Port
Deepgorge Mine, the
Lorehaven, Manthrian Port
Nyermersys, the Plague of
Pest Pillar of Nyermersys, the
Shatterspine Mountains, the
Silvermarshes, the
Shneerin, the Village of
Venlaken Enclave, the (2)
Races & Tribes
Ash'mari Barbarians, the
Ashz-Oc Orcs, the ("Noble Orcs")
Avennorian Men, the
Cholians, the (2)
Daran Gnomes, the
Daedhirian "Undead", the
Dogodan Halflings, the
Doimo Nomads, the
Drasil, the
Dwarven Employment, the
Elf, the
Eophyrhim Elves, the
Gnome, the
Goblin, the
Gondolwenmith Men, the
Gorba, the
Ice Tribes, the
Kasumarii Fighting Styles, the
Kasumarii Men, the
Kavogerim Dwarves, the
Kurakim Dwarves, the
Halfling, the
Human, the
Mullog, the
Orc, the
Orcish Warfare, the
Osther-Oc Orcs, the
Rat-Brownies, the

Rhom-Oc Orcs, the
Shendar People, the
Ylfferhim Elves, the
Armeros, God of War
Echiilan, the Kasumarii Goddess
Khalkaroth, High Demon the
Seyella, Goddess of Destiny
Sur'tyan, All-Father
Urtengor, God of the Forge
Mysteries of Nepris Module, the (RPG)  
Arti, Bunny in Shiny Armour  
Treasures & Oddities
Santharian Addiction Syndrome, the Magic and Murder, Letters #1 to #3
Website Menu Icons  
Digital Painting: Portrait Drawing  

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gfx gfx

The Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award for Dedication and Perseverance
Faugar is one of those artists who put their mark on the Santharian Dream early on, when the site still was in its infancy and contributed greatly to its success. Joining the Dream in 2000 his works have accompanied us for more than a decade now, and whether you check out the Bestiary, Herbarium, People, Races and Tribes section or want to find extraordinary Places, nicely illustrated stories - you'll find Faugar pictures everywhere on the site. Even most of the menu icons are Faugar made, and there are a lot of monsters you can encounter in Santhworld that were brought to life by our artiste extraordinaire. Thanks to his continuous work for the Dream he inspired many writers to create entries based on images that sprang from his mind, or he helped the other way round to visualize what others have only sketched on digital paper so far. It are people like Faugar who made Santharia what it is now: an opulently illustrated, throughout beautiful site, which can be enjoyed visually as much as its written content. With Faugar's work he has immeasurably enriched the project for years and years for everyone, whether you are one of those who are working with the material or just looking at it.


Best Artwork 2010 - Talia Sturmwind

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